Hotel Uniforms & Restaurant Uniforms

Hotel Uniforms & Restaurant Uniforms

We have been providing service for many years by keeping customer satisfaction in front of the business dress sector. Hotel uniforms are also among the work clothes for the various sectors we have presented to you. You can raise your company's prestige by reflecting your corporate identity in the best way with Kaan Saatman Uniforms.

  • Bellboy
  • Doormen
  • Front Office
  • Housekeeping
  • Restaurant
  • Kitchen
  • Security
Restaurant ;

Another part of the restaurant's clothes is the clothes of the cooks. These clothes can be prepared with the desired colors. The shirts, jackets, aprons, headwear made of these clothes is important in the way that allows the rapid movement of the cookie is produced. The most important helpers of the waiters should also be dressed in appropriate colors with the waiters.

The restaurant clothes of these persons are composed of two parts. Jackets and pants should be seen in harmony with each other. Collar, cutting style, pocket number and the manufacturer will be determined by the firm will be negotiations and production is done in the determined style. One other clothing among the restaurant's clothes is the clothes of the dishwashers. For these people, the trousers are combined with a long apron on the shirt.

Design the combos that make your company stand out and have the finest and most stylish suits or aprons. Different colors and designs can be made for each position. The colors and modalities that vary according to your wishes are among the elements that make your space stand out.